We Build Better Homes

Stability · Commitment · Longevity

Decades of experience and attention to detail allow us to build homes that not only look great, but are built to last.

We'd be happy to tell you more about these in person, just ask!

16″ on Center

It’s important to consider that all of our homes are constructed stick by stick, on-site. There are no pre-fab, 24″ on center walls in any Don Paparone home. This provides our buyers with stronger, straighter walls. It’s also a quite bit easier to hang things on our walls.

Efficient Insulation

We design and install building cavities to allow for extra insulation where it is needed the most! These types of building practices not only save energy, but also prevent future costly repairs.

Strategic Duct Work Design

A well designed and installed HVAC system is part of every home we build. One of the leading causes of energy loss and improper temperature control are poorly designed layouts that are force fit into many other builder’s homes. Our on-site construction methods allow for efficient heating & cooling during any season.

California Corners

It’s impossible to fully insulate a room corner on an exterior wall without the creation of an insulation cavity. We employ a corner framing method that creates this cavity to prevent this type of energy loss.

Proper Insulation Installation

We install insulation where it is needed, as we build our homes. This prevents energy loss from blind spots that can not be accessed after the installation of home fixtures – like a bathtub, etc.

Sheet Rock Nailing Support

Our ceilings and walls are constructed with additional nailing supports along the top edges and inside corners to properly secure the drywall. This prevents many of the commons cracks and joint splits.

We'd be happy to tell you more in person, just ask!